Please check all products on delivery and if there is any quality issue, make immediate contact with Pres Les Customer Care on 0860 773 753 (share call). Our professional team will guide you in terms of your query and goods will be replaced free of charge if claimed within 10 days of receipt. They will request that you return the original goods with the examiner's ticket and any other administrative material included with the product, in order for the company to inspect the product and validity of the claim.

If the product becomes unfit for use during its period of Guarantee, please call Pres Les Customer Care to guide you regarding claiming on the Guarantee. Pres Les will replace the product free of charge; or if the original product is no longer available, will replace it with product of equivalent value; or pass an equivalent credit on the purchase of any other Pres Les product. Remember to always retain the original invoice to be able to claim on the Guarantee.

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Blood If the stain is still wet, soak in cold water and wash immediately with a mild detergent. DO NOT use hot water as this will set the stain. If the stain has settled, treat with a weak solution of water & ammonia and wash immediately.
Ballpoint ink Use an undiluted mild soap detergent and sponge away with cold water
Fruit juice / milk / tea / coffee Stretch the affected material over a bowl and pour warm water +/- 40C over the stain so that it soaks through into the bowl. Wash afterwards with a mild detergent.
Grease / lipstick / oil Use an undiluted mild soap detergent or a professional proprietary cleaner and sponge away with cold water.
Mildew & wine Recommended to be professionally treated with dry cleaning


Caring for your linen

Easy-Care Tips on Caring for your Pres Les Products:
  • Pillows, quilted bedspreads and comforters should be washed by hand and do not spin-dry. All other Pres Les textile products (unless specifically stated on the sewn-in label to the contrary) can be safely washed in a washing machine. Wash and rinse in cold or lukewarm water. 40°C is regarded as an ideal washing temperature.
  • Always dissolve soap powders and detergents in water before adding them to the wash and never pour directly on the products. Please take note of instructions on the sewn-in Pres Les label for using fabric softener/conditioner.
  • After washing, hang-out to dry immediately. For best results pull articles straight and into shape while they are still wet on the washing line in order to dry in shape. Follow the label instructions for tumble-drying. It is preferable to use the lowest heat setting and remove dry items immediately after drying out of the tumble dryer, to limit creasing.
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight as this speeds up natural colour fading.
  • Avoid using extreme heat with Pres Les products such as hot hand irons, boiling washing and rinsing water and using a tumble dryer at very high temperature settings. Avoid washing printed fabrics with white ones; fluffy articles (like towels) with synthetic fabrics (like polycotton or polyester); very soiled items with less soiled ones and heavily dyed articles with other fabrics in case colours run.
  • Modern washing powders contain optical brightening agents and some of these can cause a slight change of colour. To minimize such impact, Pres Les recommends that you use half the recommended quantity of washing powder in your wash and wash with a fully loaded washing machine; or wash articles with a commercial dish washing liquid or mild baby soap powder.
  • Check all articles for stains and remove stains before washing.


Care Instructions for Pres Les Professional Cookware

  • Do not use Cookware in the oven or over an open fire.
  • Never use steel wool, harsh scourers or any similar material on Pres Les Professional Cookware, as it will encourage scratching.
  • Do not use strong cleaning chemicals such as bleach, acidic acid or ammonia-based cleaning products on the Cookware.
  • Curry and spicy foods should be removed as quickly as possible after cooking as these foods contain spices that tend to stain Cookware.
  • Do not drag the Cookware across any surface, always lift it up.
  • Never heat empty Cookware or allow to boil dry.
  • Cookware can be used with all conventional cooking appliances like: Electricity, Gas, Ceramic and Induction.
  • Avoid stacking of Cookware when storing as this might result in scratching.
  • The Cookware is intended for home use only.
  • Avoid exposing the glass lid to extreme changes in temperature.
  • Always leave Cookware on a flat and secured surface.

Caring for your cuisine items

Hints and tips
  • Wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly before first use.
  • Use only wooden, silicone or heat resistant plastic kitchen utensils. Metal cooking utensils tend to scratch.
  • Can be used for waterless cooking; using a low to medium heat setting.
  • Clean Cookware after each use with hot water, a commercial liquid detergent and sponge. Dry Cookware manually to eliminate white water spots. Refrain from putting cold water into a hot pan or submerse a hot pan in cold water.
  • Ensure that the base of the Cookware is always dry, before commencing cooking.
  • Should white spots, white fine scale or a rainbow effect occur, these can be removed with 1:2 solution of lemon juice or vinegar to water.
  • If there is burnt food on the Stainless Steel interior, soak for about an hour in warm water with dishwashing liquid. If that is not sufficient, scrub with non-metallic scouring pad that is suitable for this purpose.
  • Make sure that the Cookware is perfectly clean before and after cooking to prevent staining and scratching.
  • In some instances, yellowing of the outside base is normal. Use an abrasive sponge and dishwashing liquid, only on this area, to restore its appearance.


Click here to send an enquiry to our Customer Care Team


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