The story began in Cape Town in 1971 when Pres Les introduced the first easy-care, non-iron bed sheets, nightfrills and pillowcases to the South African market. Retailers didn’t understand the story and the product couldn’t speak for itself packed on retail shelves – but we knew we had a good product that would please homemakers and decided to go out and tell the story ourselves. Direct selling was a very new concept in South Africa at that time and Pres Les was one of the first to try it (and was one of the founding members of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa).

The rest is history. More than 40 years later Pres Les is still growing and is one of the best known direct selling companies in Southern Africa. The focus of the company today is still very much on exclusive, quality products and exceptional service to our customers and Sales Consultants. We consider it a privilege and a blessing to be able to offer the opportunity to earn additional income without reservation to anyone who has the desire and is prepared to work hard to make their dreams come true. Thousands of Pres Les Sales Consultants can attest to the difference Pres Les has made in their lives in allowing them to offer their children a good education or a family holiday or a better home.


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