Pres Les moved into their new home in Claremont, Cape Town in 2010 after the building had been extensively renovated and customised, inside and out, to accommodate their head office staff.

The departments in Pres Les House include Sales and Marketing, Design and Product Development, IT, Computer Ops and System Design, Debtors, Customer Service, Finance and Accounts, Internal Audit, HR and Stationery. The Board Room and Training Centre are also housed here.


Pres Les House

pres les atlantis

Pres Les Manufacturing and the Distribution Centre are located in Atlantis on two sites approx 2kms apart. 85% of all Pres Les products are manufactured in this very modern hi-tech factory that features one of the most advanced, sophisticated quilting machines in the world.

Pres Les Bedroom products are made to order and Pres Les offers a custom-made service for curtains, pelmet frills and accessories. The Distribution Centre is equipped to pack and despatch up to 1,000 parcels a day.


Pres Les Atlantis

pres les sales field

Pres Les is marketed and sold through Independent Sales Consultants and Sales Managers throughout Southern Africa. The bulk of the Sales Consultants are women who rely on their Pres Les sales for additional income to finance their children’s education, cars, home improvements, family holidays and savings. While many Consultants will sell Pres Les for a short time only to finance a specific goal, many others have been selling Pres Les for very many years (the longest serving Consultants and Managers have been with Pres Les for over 35 years).



Queenie Sephula

"I joined Pres Les in August 1977 at a time in my life when I knew that I had to do something, change something if I was going to realise the ambitions I had for myself and my family. While I was enjoying my job, I needed additional income to change my standard of living. I wanted to be able to offer my children the best possible education – even university if they wanted to study further. And I wanted to travel and see the world.

Looking back now over the many years I have been selling Pres Les I can honestly say that I made my dreams come true. I have built and furnished a beautiful home in the suburbs; I have bought myself cars – new, out of the box; I have educated my children at good schools and universities; I have travelled extensively attending Pres Les conferences on almost every continent and stayed in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Pres Les has changed my life."

Queenie Sephula - Regional Manager



Christine Nkabinde

"I joined Pres Les in 1984 after I was recruited by my sister-in-law. At first I did not want to join because I was working but eventually she convinced me. Within the first 3 months of joining, I qualified to attend a conference at Sun City and I realised that through Pres Les I could supplement my salary and improve my lifestyle. It wasn’t long before I started selling Pres Les full time and more than made up for the loss of income from my previous job.

Pres Les has changed my life. I have travelled to exciting cities all around the world and seen famous places that most people can only dream about. I have learned to communicate, love, and learn to help and care for other people.

Through Pres Les, I’m able to afford life in one of Ekurhuleni’s more exclusive suburbs, my home is beautifully furnished and I have bought 3 new cars. I enjoy the lifestyle I have always wanted to live.

Thank you Pres Les and thank you to my sister-in-law for bringing Pres Les into my life."

Christine Nkabinde - Regional Manager



Lillian Ngubeni

"My name is Lillian Ngubeni and I joined Pres Les in 1983, recruited by one of my friends who is still selling. I was a school teacher at that time and my salary couldn’t meet my needs, so I thought I would do this part-time.

As time passed, I realised that I loved the product so much that I left my job as a teacher and started selling Pres Les full time. Since then my life has completely changed. From being a pedestrian to driving the car that I love and I’m also able to take my family on holiday and much more.

My vision is to build a dream house."

Lillian Ngubeni - Regional Manager

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