The Pres Les brand has been built on its range of exclusive, guaranteed, high quality bedspreads, comforters, sheets, accessories, curtains, pillow and mattress protectors. These products were first introduced into South Africa in 1971. The fabrics and designs used in Pres Les are sourced from the most respected design studios and textile manufacturers around the world and it’s often been our pleasure to be the first to introduce the latest trends in bedroom decor to the South African market.

85% of Pres Les products are produced in our large, modern manufacturing operation in Atlantis. While the machines used are high-tech and sophisticated, the manufacturing process itself involves the personal handling of each product by numerous, experienced machinists with meticulous quality control throughout. The Bedroom Range also now includes exquisite bedside lamps, designed exclusively for Pres Les.

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Pres Les Bedroom
Pres Les Bedroom

Pres Les Cloudsoft

Pres Les Cloudsoft Bedroom accessories - a stylish range of pillows and duvets in microfiber as well as a range of protectors with microbe protection to offer you great benefits:

  • Easy care
  • Non-allergenic
  • Highly durable
  • Environmentally friendly

Pres Les Living in Style

Pres Les Cuisine

The Pres Les Cuisine Range is designed to utilise the latest advances in technology in both cooking and cookware, and all the cookware can be used on electric, gas and ceramic cooking stoves, as well as for induction cooking.

Induction cooking is still a relatively new concept in the home but because of its efficient and economical use of energy, this will become a standard utility in every home.

Induction cooking is at least 50% more efficient than either gas or electricity. The principle is based on magnetic energy that directly heats the cookware without first having to heat the cooking surface, making cooking more economical. The kitchen is cooler, safer, and cleaner because spills onto the cooking surface do not get heated and burnt.

Vogue Cookware

The Vogue Cookware Range incorporates technology and style with the latest features in cookware. A copper plate insert is encapsulated in the base of the cookware, to increase the heating process and save energy. Each unit has a glass lid with two sizes of strainer holes. Pouring and straining is made easy with a spout. Finally to assist in world class cooking, the range has silicone handles and contemporary Pres Les branding. This range is also suitable for waterless cooking and comes with a 20 year guarantee.


Professional pots

The Cosmopolitan Range features traditional, high quality, stainless steel with an encapsulated aluminium base. The beautiful ‘apple’ shape of the cooking units features the latest innovations in cookware design and the elegant handles remain cool to the touch even when the cookware is hot. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and the bottom of the cooking unit warms quickly and evenly and once hot, requires little energy to remain hot. This is an economical cooking method because there is never a need to use high cooking temperatures. Best results are achieved at low to medium heat settings.


cosmopolitan pots

The Professional Range takes stainless steel cookware to the next level of design and innovation. Instead of having an aluminium bottom, the cooking is made from a tri-ply sandwich of three metals with the aluminium being encased in the middle. This means that heat is quickly conducted evenly throughout the cooking unit and the cooking temperature of the food can be controlled and adjusted quickly and easily. This is particularly effective in induction cooking and gas. The tempered glass lids and silicone handles add a modern, sophisticated finish.


Pres Les Dining

The Pres Les Dining Range includes fine porcelain crockery, handcrafted cutlery and exquisitely embroidered tablecloths. The designs are exclusive to Pres Les and all the products carry a 5 year quality guarantee.


Beaumont Dinner Service

Beaumont in New Bone China is a fine porcelain dinner service set in a modern square shape trimmed with gold.

Tiffany Cutlery

Tiffany Cutlery is an elegant 62 piece cutlery set finished with matt silver and a romantic gold plated design.

Pres Les Tablecloths

Pres Les Tablecloths are designed to add beauty and style to every dining occasion. While the tablecloths feature intricate hand-cut detail and elaborate embroidery and appliqués, they are designed to be easy-care and hard wearing. The tablecloths enhance any table setting.


Pres Les Designer Tablecloths Pres Les Designer Tablecloths
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