Pres Les has been committed to empowering women since its foundation in 1971. Core to the company's philosophy is an ethos of caring. Pres Les believes in sharing its success, and annually distributes a percentage of profits through charitable contributions and local community development projects.

"The needs of our country are daunting," says Les Ruhrmund, former Pres Les CEO, but in the words of Blessed Mother Theresa: "If you can't feed 100 people then just feed one." In the last financial year, Pres Les was privileged to be able to make donations of over R1 000 000.

Pres Les encourages its consultants to dream, believe and achieve. This philosophy also applies when it comes to the organisations that Pres Les supports. Through its charitable donations, Pres Les recognises that it has a responsibility to support and enrich the communities where its employees live and work, within the greater Cape Town metropole.


pres les initiatives

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