There are no entry barriers preventing anyone from joining the Pres Les team. Many of our most successful Sales Consultants are well past retirement age and others are in the prime of their careers. Some have minimal formal education while others are doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs. Some live in big cities and some live in rural country areas. The only essential ingredients are the desire to do better for yourself and your family, the commitment and determination to sacrifice time to achieve your goals and the passion to make your dreams come true. Pres Les will do the rest!

Pres Les offers a great range of products, sales training, promotions and incentives, the opportunity to travel both locally and overseas, sophisticated systems to support you with information and credit facilities for customers who qualify. Sales Consultants are not required to buy product, hold stocks nor deliver products to their customers. Once a sale has been made, the company handles everything from there until the order is delivered to the customer. It couldn’t be easier!

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make your dreams come true with pres les

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