Business Update: COVID-19

Covid 19 business update

Dear Pres Les Consultants and Customers,

We ask that you please bear with us in challenging times. At the moment, things are moving a little slower than normal. . . Where possible please select courier as your preferred delivery option, as these deliveries seem to have lesser delays.

Currently the environment, due to Covid-19, is a challenging one for all of us. And it is a landscape that changes continuously, and sometimes without much notice. At Pres Les we are doing our best to adapt and adjust, to overcome these challenges presented to us. One such challenge currently is in the delivery of our products to you – our Customers.

The initial 5-week hard lockdown in March and April 2020 caused a severe backlog in production and deliveries. Upon re-opening, the manufacturing and dispatch of these orders have been our top priority.

However, Covid-19 has also affected our business partners, especially the South African Post Office and Courier suppliers, who also suffered from the initial complete lockdown. Now, they are facing challenges daily, across all their facilities nationwide, as employees are identified with Covid-19, they need to close for deep cleaning – causing a minimum of 2-days delay in operations. We are aware of such situations happening daily!

Pres Les itself has also been subject to closure for deep cleaning, but we are happy to report that our employees are safe and well. From these experiences we have learnt and have implemented stricter screening and safety protocols, to try and ensure no further delays. We are also protecting our Consultants and Customers by ensuring that all parcels are decontaminated before they leave our premises (And again, this process does add time to the delivery of goods).

Once again, we do apologise for the inconvenience caused and ask for your understanding in the above matter, please know that safety is now the priority and we will deliver!

#StrongerTogether #StaySafe

Warm regards,

Lise de Kock
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer


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