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The highly anticipated August 2021 Dream Book is here! View our latest range of internationally influenced, locally manufactured and quality guaranteed products, proudly and exclusively brought to you by Pres Les.


Kuthie Biyana

This is STUNNING. Oh my Lord!!!¡ This Company. Beautiful everything!!! Im short of words.


Pumza Kalimashe

Clients like lucy a lot they need more plain color duvet cover sets like lucy.


Wooow Presles will forever be the best Company for the people who want the best for their homes. the catalogue is stunning


Best quality and stunning and affordable.


Just counting days..next year I will be on top stage….help me God…


Wonderful, good quality and precious products.


Wow….Pres les is the best.


Best quality, affordable prices, good customer service


Good looking and wowing bedroom with the best of the best materials..


Higher price means higher quality


Classic and elegant!!
Lifetime quality products 🤩
I look forward to great sales 💪🏾🙌🏾


This is wonderful ,Presles never disappoint. #Starttoday!
And Charlie brings back the kid in me. Definitely going to win many 💓
#Yes! Yes!
The Dream Book features now cushions and more elegant ensembles that is a game changer on its own.
#If you want success,you have to choose success.
Definitely Presles touches our lives in a different way, makes thousands of households different with its quality products,and ensures the consultants still earn every month.


Stunning and quite elegant. A true Presless Brand


Beautiful indeed Presles and Quality same whatsapp 😘


Presles have the best quality always . The customers enjoying the material of presles and Presles is taking care of their customers and consultants. Stay in Presles is the Company you can trust always keeps the promises


Wow i love Charlie Charlie especially caramel. Now with that kiddy thing . I think customers with kids as well the clients are going to enjoy this 🥰👌


Good quality last more than 5yrs, attractive to the clients you press less, many designs neat and beautiful


Presles, the only linen of best quality.


Presles is setting the standards no backing down, new look and quality brands I’m wowed.


Dreambook of wonders. classy and colourful


Reviving clients bedrooms the Presles way..Turning homes into small heaven, wow so stunning!!!😘👌👌👌


Classy, great quality bedding and home-ware befitting a dream home. Affordable and stylish and and lifelong guarantee products. I M very honoured to be associated with this brand.


Classic, elegant, stunning you name it i don’t think there is any shop that will ever beat presles when it come to quality


Wow, thank you Presles. Thanx you for catering the small beds and beautiful display which makes client want to buy same time.
Continue offering plain colours as most clients loves plain.
Great improvement as Presles is balancing between duvet and comforters, so giving clients to choose in thee variety is everything.
Love our company, continue giving us and our clients best in everything.


Quality and elegance is the speciality in Presles, blessed to be the part of Presles team.


Since joining Pres Les, I’ ve never looked at other companies because of the marvelously elegant product that no other company sells.Because of the high quality sold at Pres Les,I myself feel like a consultant of high calibre.


Good quality and you get what you bought


Presles is always of the finest quality one can dream of.
The latest range uplifted the standard of comfort, beauty and quality that we are already used to.


Best quality as always. Durability and stylish linen for 50 years.
Thank you for introducing linen for kids our customers love them.
Keep it up Pres Les.


Oh that quality, presles you are a trusted still enjoying to be the part of the family


Wow presles good quality excellent fabrics, yes yes presles


For first time I was introduced to Pres Les; I knew right then – this is for me and my discerning clients. Couldn’t hesitate to join and got my first client who bought R11 000 worth of Pres Les products and she is waiting for her order to arrive until she can go for matching curtains. Can’t wait! I am excited about this business


Elegant catalogue


Exclusivity, that is Pres Les products. Outstanding & beautiful.


This new range is amazing and outstanding. It is above stylish and comfortable. This beautiful range will bring joy and happiness in every home it is in because It’s unique touch is a deal breaker.

This Pres les product is amazing and stylish. It is unique and it beautifully stands out. This new range is above comfortable. It definitely will bring joy to many homes


Wow well done Presles I loved all of the bedding, clients are excited for the new looks Lucy 👌


Presless sells qualitative products.it is a reliable shop you can trust it.it serves many people honesty .it has many different products for different people according to their ages


The dream book is beautiful with quality products!

Thank you presles for this wonderful opportunity. I am soo greatful and very proud of being a presles consultant. Besides getting paid monthly but presles has taught me marketing. Today I have lots of friends, colleagues, neighbors that I managed to sell presles to. I enjoy every moment and I have learnt a lot. I am going far with selling of presles.


Best quality forever, viva presles


Pres Less – quality u can trust


Wonderful company with the best quality


Good quality ever, you get


Wow, Presles u are the best company in the whole world, best prices and incentives big up Presles Halalaaa


I’m proud of being a Presles Consultant. Good quality indeed


Wow good quality and designs


Absolutely stunning , Presles products have prestige.


Wooow Presles, superb quality, forever lasting colour Affordable price with wide range of payment methods . #YES,YES, #IAMPRESLES HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY 🍾🥂🎂


Yhooo what a quality, presles is having good products


Presles is an outstanding product the colors accommodate every one and it’s quality bits the price. It has changed many lives I am not a person who likes to sell anything but but because of it quality and beauty I find myself going on and on with the business.


The quality is always wow with Presless
I am proud to be a Presless consultant


Presles is a Quality guaranteed product,
Stylish product for the bedroom.
I am very proud to be a Presles consultant because of the guaranteed quality


Top of the range
It’s like I’m dreaming 👌


Presles is the most beautiful and quality brand l have been none almost 22 years now my mother used to buy their products.. That’s why I also joined the company because of their affordable price and quality products they have.. HAPPY 50 years…


The quality of presles products stands the test of time… and inflation


Quality we can trust 🌸


Wooow great catalogue n products lovable n unique in the world thnx presles


Wow presles what a great job you doing you making easy for us as as consultants thank you

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