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It has never been a better time to join The Team

Free Registration for new Recruits that bring in an accepted order this October 2020


It is now easier to sell Pres Les’ exclusive, quality products with the introduction of our new digital sales tools and promotional content, all accessible through your phone, tablet or computer.


You can now place orders and Recruit using our newly launched App.


New Pres Les App

Place orders and build your Team on your phone, anytime, anywhere #PresLesInMyPocket #FastEasyEfficient

WhatsApp for Business

You can now communicate with Pres Les via telephone, email, or WhatsApp. The choice is yours.

Digital promotions

To assist you to sell digitally, Pres Les now provides you with a convenient promotional web page each month

Digital Sales Tools

To assist you to make the sale, Pres Les now provides you with great promotional sales tools to share with your Customers

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