Julia Mokgautsi

Position: Executive Area Manager
South West Gauteng
Phone: 0737151968

My journey with Pres Les started in 1997, as a consultant, although I wasn’t active every month, and as work demands grew my ability to sell fell short.  I re-joined Pres Les in 2016 and became a branch manager. I was amazed at the success of the company and that it was still acclaimed for its quality and exclusivity. In 2018, vacancies for Executive Area Managers had become available and with the encouragement of my regional manager at the time and my peers, I applied for the post. I was interviewed and a few days later was awarded the position. I have been running the south-west area in Gauteng for two years.

Pres Les has changed my life in more ways than one. For years I had created a box for myself, and was comfortable in that box, but Pres Les stretched me and propelled me to heights I never thought I would ever be able to achieve. In my four years of working for the company I, together with some of my consultants have qualified to go abroad to attend our International Top Achievers Conferences.  Pres Les tore down that box and opened my eyes to new possibilities, experiences, and unveiled a potential within I never knew I had.

The future of Pres Les is exciting as the company has embraced and incorporated digital platforms to grow the business.