Ntemby Mabula

Position: Executive Area Manager
E Cape & W Cape
Phone: 0832702252

My name is Nontembiso Mabula, affectionately known as Ntemby. I was born in a small town of Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape and now residing in East London.

I started selling Pres Les in 1983. I was a student nurse at the time at Rietvlei Hospital. I was never recruited by anyone, instead I asked someone if I could sell as well. I started on a small scale, then grew up gradually in sales. In 1990, after seven years since I had joined Pres Les, I became a manager. I was a very good manager, I can say, as I was recognised as a top manager for many years in the company. I earned great commission and received lots of gifts.

Pres Les changed my life in a tremendous way. Through Pres Les, I became financially independent and I travelled almost the whole world, something that I do not think I would ever had managed on
my own.

In the years 2003 and 2004 my team of consultants grew very well, to the point that I even decided to quit my job as a nurse and was appointed as a Regional Manager.
I am very passionate about my job.