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Quality trims and attention to detail make our curtains hang perfectly.

We offer a wide variety of ready-to-hang (RTH) and tailor-made (MTM) curtaining.
Matching tie-backs, tape and hooks are provided free of charge.
Curtain hems are weighted for perfect draping.

Pres Les Curtain Track Requirements

Triple Track
For lining, curtain and pelmet frill

Double Track
For lining and curtain, or curtain and pelmet frill

Single Track
For curtains only

Pres Les Detachable Polycotton Linings

• Linings may be attached to the same hook
as the curtain, or hung from a separate track

• Linings and curtains may be washed individually – separately the pieces dry
quicker, crease less, and are much easier to handle

• When redecorating, change your curtains but keep the linings – it’s a great time and money saver

• Pres Les linings are made up to ideal fullness for gracious, elegant drapes

Pres Les Tri Tape

• Tighter weave adds stability

• Woven hook pockets for easy hook access

• Pockets support hooks and don’t stretch

• Three pockets allow multiple length adjustments

Metal End Hooks

• For extra stability and a perfect finish

Cord Tidy

• Ensures cords are always neat

• Standard feature for all Pres Les curtains and pelmet frills

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