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Pres Les on 20 Jan, 2023

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Making the most of the festive season often results in the practice of overspending – a bad financial habit that sets many people back in the new year.

As a result of overspending during the holidays, many people experience financial downtime in the months following, with expenses – both recurring and unexpected – determining what can feel like an ever-shrinking budget.

To those forced into frugality, adhering to a strict budget means scrimping and saving to recover financially – but does it have to?

Lessen the financial burdens on your budget by leveraging credit payment holidays to your advantage. Purchasing on credit enables you to pay in a pinch while simultaneously building your credit score, and credit payment holidays give you the opportunity to pause your repayments for a set period (without incurring penalties).

Why buy on credit? Buying on credit allows you to pay off your purchase in budget-friendly monthly instalments you can afford. This way, you get to enjoy your purchase now and pay for it later – and in the case of credit payment holidays, it can even be a good few months later, enabling you to get back on track financially.

Pres Les understands that everyone’s financial situation and budget is different, which is why we offer different payment options to our Customers, including credit payment plans.

Pres Les Customers have the option to pay for an order over a period of 6, 18 or 24 months. To apply for credit, Customers must submit their Identity Document and pay slip, or 3 month’s bank statements, and fill out the mandatory debit order form, in which they agree to a monthly payment schedule, and undergo a credit check.

Once approved, Customers must submit their first payment by month end following delivery of their order and continue to make scheduled payments until the order has been paid off, as per their payment contract.

In the case of credit payment holidays, Customers who purchase from Pres Les within a certain period are eligible for an alternative repayment schedule that begins at a pre-arranged time.

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