Checkered Charm

Constructed from a crisp Printed Pres Les Cotton Percale Blend, Erin features a trellis-style plaid design in a beautiful shade of Blue, with neutral undertones. A damask-inspired quilt design, laden with blooms and French curls, adds rich texture to the comforter, while contrast cord piping and ladder lace details add a delicate touch of refinement, in colour Ivory.

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A Bed Ensemble is a set of bedding that typically consists of two standard pillowcases, two Continental/Emperor pillowcases or pillow covers, and either a bedspread, bed quilt, comforter, or duvet. A bed base cover, bed skirt, or night frill is included.
A comforter is a traditional bed cover with a thick layer of filler that provides coverage for a mattress. A bed quilt contains a thinner layer of filler and provides coverage for a mattress. A bedspread covers the entire bed, covering the base and mattress.
A Continental pillow is a large 75cm x 75cm square-shaped pillow.
An Emperor pillow is a large 60cm x 90cm oblong pillow.
Unlike Pillowcases, Pillow Covers are quilted.
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