A Lifetime of Caring, the Pres Les Way!

Our Company Culture and the
Pres Les Values

Pres Les has been committed to empowering people since its foundation in 1971. Core to the company’s philosophy is an ethos of caring. We strive to conduct business with integrity and make a conscious effort to share our success inside and outside our company.

The Pres Les Philosophy

Quality is at the heart of our business and drives what we do. We pride ourselves on manufacturing, employment and philanthropic practices that bring the best products to market and aspire to build positive relationships with employees, Style Consultants, Customers, and the broader community.

Pres Les values creating economic opportunities and we nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our Style Consultants, giving them the tools to succeed and encouraging them to dream, believe and achieve.


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Pres Les is a people’s business; driven to be the premier direct selling company in Southern Africa. We achieve this by delighting our customers, offering unique ranges of timeless quality homeware products, credit to facilitate selling, and providing our consultants the opportunity and support needed to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

Organisations We Support

Pres Les is proud to support organisations that serve the most vulnerable, neglected members of our society with annual cash and product donations.


Nazareth House

Nazareth House provides specialised care for abandoned, neglected and disabled children, and care homes for the elderly.


Somerset Hospital

Somerset Hospital is South Africa’s oldest hospital and provides compassionate and accessible healthcare to those in need.


Red Cross children’s Hospital

Red Cross Children’s Hospital offers a comprehensive range of specialist paediatric services to children in need.


Woodside Special Needs Home


Woodside Special Needs home is a residential facility caring for 80 children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.


Tag rugby

Tag Rugby motivates, educates, and empowers disadvantaged young people around the world through the simple joy of participation in team sport.


Big Band Jazz Festival

The Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival is a four-night music festival that raises money for various initiatives in disadvantaged communities.



Education and healthcare are fundamental to well-being. For this reason, Pres Les is committed to supporting organisations whose focus on education and healthcare have made a significant impact in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

How We Make a Difference

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