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A Story of Empowerment

Many women and men need to supplement their income to improve their lifestyle. With over 50 years of business experience, Pres Les empowers you to start your own business and make your financial dreams come true. Whether you need to earn extra money from home for a short-term financial goal or are wanting to kickstart your full-time sales career — Pres Les is the place for you.

Who Can Join the Team?

Passion, commitment, and a goal is all you need!

You are welcome to join Pres Les regardless of your age, education, location, or culture. The only requirements are the desire to improve your circumstances, the commitment, and determination to achieve your goals, and the passion to make your dreams come true.

We will do the rest.

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Why Join the Team?

Our direct selling model and extensive company support makes becoming a Pres Les Sales Consultant a smart way to start your own business, earn extra money from home and achieve your financial goals.

Earn unlimited income

Earn unlimited income

Be your own boss

Be your own boss

Flexible hours _ location

Flexible hours and location

A chance to travel

A chance to travel

"I want a different life.  I want a life where I can be able to provide for my children."

Thania Ranyabu

I remember thinking, “I don’t want to sit here and clap for others anymore.” And thinking, “I want a different life. I want a life where I can be able to provide for my children.” I then got in touch with Ma’am Charity Mdau, who had always been a role model, who I had always looked up to at Pres Les.  And she said, “I want you to tell me your Why. You must understand your Why, and that must wake you up every day and that must drive you.” Selling is not an easy business, your Why has to be so great. And I’m so grateful that with the business I have been able to look after and provide for my children.

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How Does Pres Les Support You?

We make sure you have everything
you need to represent Pres Les with pride.

Achieve your goals

50 years of business experience

Superior training

Superior training by experienced sales management

Extensive Customer _ Sales Support

Extensive Customer and Consultant support

Quality guaranteed products

Quality guaranteed products

Credit facilities for customers

Credit facilities for Customers

Sales Incentives

Promotions and incentives to grow your business



Pres Les rewards Top Achievers with an annual overseas Sales Conference. This is an incredible opportunity to explore an international destination and see the world, while gaining invaluable business insights with your qualifying peers! With over a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we can’t wait to reward our Top Achievers with this exciting opportunity to celebrate their success overseas.

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Joining Pres Les Changed My Life


Khulisiwe Dlamini: Humble cleaner to world traveller

In 2001 I walked into the Pres Les office and changed my life. I was a cleaner in a hospital earning barely enough to feed my children, but my first commission cheque from Pres Les made me believe that I could do better. 

I worked hard and persevered through the rough times until I was able to reach the success that I knew I deserved. I achieved a life-time opportunity to travel overseas. I never imagined flying overseas, staying in a five-star hotel and being treated like a princess. All it took was hard work and perseverance. Since then, I have not missed an overseas conference. I went from being a humble cleaner to a world-traveller.  

Xolisa Mango Mgwatyu_testimonial

Xolisa Mgwatyu: My Passion for Pres Les

If loving and having passion for Pres Les was a person, it would probably be me. My name is Xolisa “Mango” Mgwatyu. I decided to try the business because I wanted to supplement my monthly income, and I saw a potential of great earnings and growth in the business. Over time I became the top Consultant for my branch and I pushed hard to earn top commission, be recognised in gala events, attend Premier Conferences and even go to Top Achiever’s Conferences. In July 2019, I was promoted to a “Top Branch Manager”. I have inspired myself, and moreover, inspired my Consultants to strive for excellence. Be a go getter, take that big step – Pres Les is the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting your own Pres Les business is simple, and stress-free. No previous selling experience or special qualifications are required. Simply complete the form and a Style Consultant will contact you within 48 hours to guide you through the joining process.

Join the Team!

New Consultants pay a once-off registration fee of R290 and a monthly Business Kit rental of R35. This covers the cost of updating the Dream Book, price list, swatch book, and other stationery items.

Your Manager will provide adequate Pres Les training and will support you in building a successful business and expanding your product knowledge. 


Your Manager will provide you with up-to-date information regarding your Pres Les business. You will also provide you with the latest promotional leaflets, new Pres Les Dream Book, price list and Pres Les Business Guide.