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Your Guide To Direct Selling

Everything you need to know about Direct Selling and becoming a world class Sales Consultant

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A Story of Empowerment

Many women and men need to supplement their income to improve their lifestyle. With 50 years of business experience, Pres Les empowers you to start your own business and make your financial dreams come true. Whether you need to earn extra money from home for a short-term financial goal or are wanting to kickstart your full-time sales career — Pres Les is the place for you.


An introduction to Direct Selling

In Direct Selling, companies like Pres Les work with sales representatives, or Consultants, to sell products and services to Customers in non-retail environments. For example, sales can happen at home, online or at a Customer’s workplace. At Pres Les, our Style Consultants are the sales representatives who bring Pres Les quality to home across Southern Africa.

Direct Selling consists of two main business models: Single-level Marketing and Multi-level Marketing 

Single-level Marketing provides Consultants with the opportunity to earn commission on products sold. They are compensated for their personal sales activity and do not earn commission on recruits.  

Multi-level Marketing incentivises recruitment of new Consultants in addition to product sales. Consultants receive compensation for Direct Sales as well as the sales of their recruits. 

In both models, Consultants operate independently. Consultants are not employed by Direct Selling companies and function as independent businesses. 

How does direct selling work

The basic structure of Direct Selling businesses

Traditional companies rely on retail outlets or stores for distribution, while Direct Selling companies bring products and services directly to Customers. 

The products and services produced by a Direct Selling company are typically distributed by Sales Consultants who conduct sales within their social networks. These products and services are only sold through Sales Consultants and cannot be purchased in stores. 

As a Sales Consultant you earn a commission on sales and, depending on the company, you could also earn a commission when you recruit new Consultants.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Selling?

Be your own boss

Be your own boss and start your own business selling products and services you love

Flexible hours _ location

Consultants set their own schedule and sell anytime, anywhere

Earn unlimited income

Supplement your income with unlimited income potential

How does Pres Les support you


Ready to join the pres les family

South Africa’s premier Direct Selling company

Pres Les is a DSA (Direct Selling Association of South Africa) certified company with 50 years’ experience in South Africa’s Direct Selling industry. 

With an exclusive product range of luxury bedroom co-ordinates, and stylish dining and cuisine items, Pres Les has earned its reputation as a brand of exquisite quality.  

Pres Les products are sold exclusively through a network of Style Consultants. Consultants are officially registered with Pres Les and given training and support.  

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