50 years of Pres Les

A South African Success Story

We believe success is achieved by offering customers the highest quality products, value, and service. Our exclusive designs are sourced internationally, manufactured locally, and distributed through our extensive network of Sales Consultants for a personalised experience.

Our story

Pres Les was founded in 1971 with a vision: that exceptional quality be made available to South Africans who desire and cherish the finer things in life. Now, over 50 years later, we are expanding on that vision as we continue to grow as a company.

Pres Les uplifts those striving for financial independence through our direct selling model. With a growing network of Sales Consultants already thousands strong, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the country’s leading Direct Selling companies.







And beyond


Pres Les

How it Started

Courtaulds began producing a new fabric called polyamide sheeting (later known as Nylon sheeting) as an alternative to cotton sheeting in England.

Courtaulds produced polyamide fabric to be turned into bed sheeting by Mount View Fashions to be sold under Domestic Textiles, known as Domestex.

Domestex tried to sell polyamide sheeting in retailers but without the product explanation, the Customer did not understand the product benefits.

Pres Les

Pres Les Begins

Sydney Rudolf Rhys sold easy-care, polyamide bed linen under “Mr Rudolf”. One day while ironing these sheets, his housekeeper was impressed by the quality of the fabric and exclaimed “e-pressless!” (press less) — inspiring the name Pres Les. 

In 1971, Pres Les introduced polycotton, printed and coloured sheeting, duvets and duvet covers to the South African market. 

In the same year, Pres Les became one of the founding companies behind the DSA (Direct Selling Association of South Africa).

Pres Les

Pres Les Expands

The Classic Group created Pres Les/AMC, and Pres Les moved to the AMC factory in Atlantis. 

Pres Les

Pres Les Continues to Thrive

In 1991, The Classic Group bought It’s a Pleasure. Most of the factory was moved to Epping and traded under the banner of Pres Les/It’s a Pleasure

By 1992, Pres Les was well established and growing. The company now provided a real opportunity for women to earn, and the logo was updated to reflect the feminine side of the business.

By 1993, the It’s a Pleasure range was phased out.

In 1994, Pres Les became a private company, gained its independence and was restructured to suit its own identity. 

Pres Les

Entering a New Millennium

In the new millennium, the rose became the Pres Les icon, symbolising love, faith, beauty and timelessness. The font changed to reflect the new era, portraying a professional business look. 

On 27th October 2015, the factory was severely damaged by a fire. Within 2 months, a temporary factory was built and Pres Les was back in business with the exceptional support of the Pres Les staff, suppliers, Consultants and Customers.

Pres Les

Looking Into the Future

In 2019, the Pres Les logo was given a complete makeover. A unique corporate symbol was designed, with an abstract rose used to indicate delicate femininity, and the clean, elegant design reinforcing Pres Les’ positioning as an inspirational brand. 

Pres Les now has an entirely new factory, with the most sophisticated machinery in Southern Africa, and continues to be a market leader offering bespoke, high quality products.

Sales Consultant
Pres Les Factory

Pres Les House

Our Head Office

Pres Les moved to its new home in Claremont, Cape Town in 2010. The extensively renovated building was customised inside and out to serve as the Head Office and to ensure Head Office staff have all they need to deliver Pres Les excellence, every day.

Today, Pres Les has extensive capabilities in a variety of departments, including sales and marketing, design and product development, IT, computer operations and system design, customer service, finance and accounts, HR and distribution.

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Pres Les atlantis

Our Local Factory

Pres Les is proudly South African and strives to empower local communities through job creation.

The Pres Les factory in Atlantis manufactures 85% of Pres Les products. This state-of-the-art factory features the most sophisticated quilting machines in the world, and a dedicated and meticulous workforce.

From our made-to-order bedroom coordinates to custom-made curtains, pelmet frills and accessories, our bespoke products are hand-assembled with thorough quality control before being dispatched to thousands of homes across the country from our distribution centre located 2km away.

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