Mango's Testimonial

Pres Les on 28 Sep, 2022

Reading time: 4 mins


Mango is a great example of how, at Pres Les, hard work and dedication create great success, which can truly change lives.

“IF loving and having passion for Pres Les was a person, it would be probably be me – a guy who chose to enter in the business dominated by females and excellently excelled on it.

My name is Xolisa Mgwatyu but better known in the world of Pres Les as Mango. I joined the business in May 2015 after being a good and a loyal customer for Pres Les. Mostly, I decided to try the business because I wanted to supplement my monthly income – yes I could not afford everything my heart desired.

At first, it was not easy to go and sell to friends and colleagues as I often got rejections, but my heart said “Yes, you can do it”. I researched more about Pres Les, studied the Dream Book so that I can have product knowledge for when I am approaching a potential customer, I can be fully prepared so that I can score some points for a possible sale. Having communication background and being someone who likes to interact with people – the journey was plain sailing.

I managed to get my first sale and earned my first commission salary of R400 and told myself that I will have to work harder to earn more as I saw a potential of great earnings and growth in the business. I became more and more inspired; I fell in love with the brand each day and no gathering I attended passed without talking about Pres Les as I wanted to build my customer base. Later in the months, I had started to be the top consultant for my branch and I had pushed to so that I can earn top commission, to be recognised in gala events to celebrate consultant’s successes, to attend Premier Conferences or even go to Top Achiever’s Conferences. Indeed, I worked hard to scoop all these top accolades.

In July 2019, a new dawn was ushered to me – I was promoted to be a Branch Manager – not just a Branch Manager but a “Top Branch Manager”. No, I was not taking over on any team – I had to build my own team which I did it with great zeal and enthusiasm. This meant a big step and a huge responsibility to look after many consultants, mind you I am permanently employed, and it meant I had to sacrifice my evenings and weekends to assist a wonderful bunch of ladies that I love and care about.

I was not afraid of the big step, I always balance everything that I do – do everything like I am doing it for the last time, give it my all to achieve great results at the end. I have inspired myself, moreover, inspired my consultants to strive for excellence and better I have assisted many of my customers to at least own a set of bedding from Pres Les. With my great respect for them, my love for them – they keep coming to buy more and even introduced a stokvel which we buy each other Pres Les products.

This has been a worthwhile journey for me and loving every minute about it and it is a legacy that I am determined to take forward to new levels and to generations to come. Lastly: Trust yourself if you want to make it and you need to tell yourself that everything is going to work out no matter how many times, you’re told it’s not going to. Be a go getter, take that big step – Pres Les is the future!”

Thank you, Mango for those inspiring words, and for embodying the entrepreneurial spirit that Pres Les strives for.