Lillian Ngubeni

Position: Executive Area Manager
East Gauteng
Phone: 0826780234

I am Lillian Ngubeni, and I live in Brakpan. I worked as a full-time teacher before I joined Pres Les in 1973. At first, I was only helping a friend to get orders from Customers and had not registered as a Consultant. I happened to be with this friend one day when she received her commission. It was at that point that I decided to join Pres Les. The salary I received as a teacher was not enough and I had two small children to take care of. It seemed like a good opportunity to earn extra income.

Since joining Pres Les, there have been major changes in my life. I was able to send my children to better schools and I was able to buy a brand new car so that I could reach as many customers as possible. My Pres Les business also presented the opportunity for me to travel overseas. Growing up, I had always wanted to become a businesswoman and to make a difference in people’s lives. Pres Les has not only taught to be independent but has also taught me how to empower people in my community. With everyone I meet, I see potential to recruit more Consultants to join the business. Through Pres Les I have accomplished my goals and dreams.