Nontle Mnguni

Position: Executive Area Manager
Eastern Cape North
Phone: 0834540390

Pres Les makes dreams come true.

I was a High School Teacher when I joined Pres Les in 2006 and my Pres Les commission was supplementing my monthly income. In 2012 I had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, on my first overseas trip as a Top Achiever, and it was amazing. In 2016 I became a Unit Leader and in 2018 I was promoted to an Executive Area Manager. What I love about Pres Les is that it gives you the chance to dream, and to dream big.

Through my Pres Les Business, I’m currently able to put my two children through University and the last born through High School. The Pres Les quality allows me to sell with confidence as I know my Customers are buying a prestigious product. As a Pres Les Consultant, you can offer your Recruits the ability to write their own pay cheque. Pres Les changes lives for the better.