Saartjie Nkuna

Position: Executive Area Manager
Phone: 0837478804

Pres Les gave me financial security.

I joined Pres Les in 1997. I worked as a Primary School Teacher at the time and sold Pres Les on the side for an extra income. After my very first commission, I never looked back. During the first year as a Pres Les Sales Consultant, I got to enjoy one of their incentives and stayed at a luxury hotel in Port Elizabeth by taking my first ever flight. I was promoted to Branch Manager and then promoted to Executive Area Manager in Limpopo in July 2018. What I love about Pres Les is the fact that it gives you a chance to grow yourself. As a Manager, I’ve never missed a Top Achievers international trip. My slogan is “it starts with me, if my goals don’t scare me, they are not big enough”.