Pres Les on 15 Jun, 2022

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I joined Pres Les in September 1979.

The comforters had just come on the scene and were very popular. We held demonstrations with our business kits at Customers’ homes. It was a safe and blessed time that allowed us to hold branch meetings at night. I was mostly in the top ten in my branch: Branch 35.

I’ve qualified for quite few local outings, but never qualified internationally. I’ve been on trips to Cape Town, Grabou, the Wild Coast, Sun City etc. Some trips even included our husbands.

Pres Les has been good to the Overmeyer family. With the commission I’ve earned, I could help my husband put our two daughters through teacher’s college. They are educators today. Our two sons were also put thorough university. Today, by God's grace, my eldest son has a BCom in Business Management and lives in Canada. My youngest has a BCom in PR and works in Durban.

I’ve made many friends through Pres Les, not to mention loyal Customers who'll come back to me and say they purchased Pres Les products 30 years ago and they are still good. I can go on and on! Yeah, what company gives you more? Above all else its helped my hubby to build from a four room to seven room double-story house. Ngiyabonga kakhulu Pres Les for ubuntu – UNkulunkulu anibusise.

I'll be celebrating my 80th birthday with my daughter in Cape Town. I'm still selling and for me, by God's grace, age is just a number.

God bless everyone countrywide, and especially the special people in the Pres Les factory and at Head Office in Claremont. They make the lives of the Consultants so much easier. They are always doing something extra to motivate us.
Long live Pres Les, Long live.


We are so glad Pres Les was able to help Joy build her dream lifestyle!

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