How To Properly Store Your Blankets

Pres Les on 13 Jun, 2022

Reading time: 5 mins

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That musty, mothball smell clinging to your favourite blankets can ruin the cosy ambiance in your home come wintertime.

But what can you do to prevent it?

Proper storage of seasonal blankets and bedding is important to preserve the quality of the fabric, prevent musty odours, and protect against mould, mildew and pests.

Whether you’re prepping your linen closet, or looking for an alternative storage solution, the same basic storage tips apply when it comes to keeping your bedding fresh and odour-free.


How to store blankets?

Blankets, and other bedding, should be stored in a cool, dry area to preserve the quality of the fabric. Ideally, your bedding pieces should not be exposed to the elements, and should be sealed in a linen storage bag or container.

Bankets and other bedding should be freshly washed or laundered, dried, and neatly folded before being packed away, and stored with scented sachets in your preferred fragrance.

Allow fresh air to circulate the storage space, or use air fresheners or acid-free sheets between bedding pieces to avoid musty odours from developing.

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How to keep blankets fresh in storage?

To prevent an old, musty smell from developing in storage, blankets must be freshly washed or laundered, dried, and neatly folded before you pack them away.

Additionally, you can deodorize your blankets by placing air fresheners in your linen closet or storage hampers.

While mothballs and other insect repellants are useful in combating infestations of clothes moths and other pests, their pungent chemical odour often clings to bedding. Alternative pest-repellants include:
• Cedar wood chips, or blocks,
• An open box of baking soda,
• Sachets of Cloves, Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme

These natural alternatives will fill your storage space with a pleasant scent and aid in repelling insects. Baking soda also absorbs musty odours, keeping your bedding fresh.

Another way to prevent a musty odour in your storage space is to air out the space every once in a while, by opening up the cupboards, or removing the bedding from storage, and allowing fresh air to circulate.


How to patch a blanket?

Storing your blankets in the right conditions will prevent damage caused by cloth-eating pests, such as clothes moths (also known as fish moths). Clothes moths create holes in fabric and can cause irreparable damage to infested fabrics if left untreated.

Whether you’re dealing with holes caused by pests or regular wear-and-tear, you may want to patch up your favourite blanket. Depending on the extent of the damage, it is possible to repair small holes by darning or patching, or larger ones by securing a backing fabric to the area.