Cloudsoft - Not just an ordinary duvet

Pres Les on 26 May, 2021

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To get the best quality sleep, you need high quality bedding.

In addition to the Cloudsoft range of quilted Mattress and Pillow protectors, Pres Les offers a range of high-quality duvets and pillows.

Cloudsoft Duvets are made from 200 thread count 100% cotton ticking.

What exactly does that mean, and what makes it high quality?

Thread count refers to the total number of yarns per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the fabric is.

Ticking refers to the outer fabric of the duvet.

100% cotton is both incredibly soft to the touch and extremely durable due to the strength of the cotton weave, which means your products will last for years without pilling or tearing.

Another benefit of 100% cotton is the hypoallergenic qualities associated with this fibre. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, sleeping under a cotton duvet will prevent allergic reactions and ensure restful sleep. The breathability of cotton transfers moisture away from the skin and allows air to circulate through the fibres.

Cloudsoft Duvet


For ultimate comfort and softness, Cloudsoft Duvets contain a lightweight filling of synthetic microfibres.

What are the benefits of synthetic microfibre filling?

  • Synthetic microfibre maintains its shape after every wash, which means your duvet is less likely to clump or flatten over time.
  • It is machine-washable and quick drying, which makes your duvet easier to care for.
  • It produces added warmth due to the tightly woven fibre composition.
  • Hypoallergenic properties. Synthetic fibres combined with the 100% cotton exterior, is the best choice for those with sensitive skin or those who are prone to allergies.

For added convenience, the Cloudsoft Duvet has been fitted with eyelets to secure the duvet cover – bed making has never been this easy!

Pres Les Cloudsoft Duvets are available in double, queen, and king sizes.

The Pres Les Cloudsoft range of duvets is available in white to compliment light-coloured sheets and has a three-year guarantee. Invest in quality!