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Pres Les on 04 Jun, 2021

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The importance of a comfortable, high-quality pillow cannot be understated.

Just as your bed completes your room, so your pillows complete your bed.

What makes Pres Les Cloudsoft pillows high-quality?

Not only does a pillow support your head and neck while you sleep, but it can also help to keep your spine in the correct position. Sleeping with inadequate pillow support can result in stiffness of the neck and upper-back. Furthermore, long-term lack of spinal support can cause misalignment and more serious health consequences.

The Pres Les Cloudsoft Pillows combine all the benefits of the Cloudsoft Duvet, with added neck-support, ensuring you a truly relaxing sleep. 100% cotton is both incredibly soft to the touch and extremely strong due to the cotton weave, which means your products will not pill or tear.

The lifespan of a polyester pillow is generally short. Heads are heavy and bearing the weight of your head night after night can cause the pillow to lose consistency and flatten over time. Pres Les Cloudsoft pillows are filled with synthetic microfibre. This high-quality fibre is more tightly packed, which gives your pillow a light, down-like feel. The combination of this microfibre filling and the 100% cotton exterior creates a durable pillow that will maintain its shape and softness for years to come!

Additionally, the hypoallergic nature of synthetic microfibre makes it ideal for allergy sufferers and vegan households.

Unfortunately, pillows can double in weight over their lifespan, due to the accumulation of bacteria, dead skin cells, sweat, dust mites, and allergens. Therefore, it is important to invest in pillows that are easy to clean on a regular basis.

Cloudsoft pillows


Microfibre is a new age, synthetic fibre which is able to wick moisture very well. This means that Pres Les Cloudsoft Pillows are machine-washable and quick-drying.

Compliment your luxurious Pres Les Cloudsoft Duvet with a new set of Pres Les Cloudsoft Pillows. When combined with the Pres Les Cloudsoft Pillow Protectors, you can rest assured that your pillows will be the safest option for you and your family.

Pres Les Cloudsoft pillows are available in standard, continental, and emperor sizes.

The Pres Les Cloudsoft range of pillows is available in white to compliment light-coloured sheets and has a three-year guarantee. Invest today in quality that last!