What To Look For When Choosing Cutlery

Pres Les on 15 Jul, 2022

Reading time: 3 mins

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Whether you’re throwing extravagant dinner parties or setting the table for a casual braai, you’ll need cutlery with which to eat and serve your food.

Considering how often you’ll be using these essential utensils; it is better to invest in quality. As with almost everything these days, the quality of cutlery ranges from premium to cheaply made, depending on the materials and manufacturing techniques used, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and variations in quality available.

In this guide, we share tips on what to look for in cutlery.

How to choose cutlery?

The most popular cutlery materials are sterling silver, silver-Plated metal and Stainless Steel.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the finest cutlery material you can buy, but it comes at an exorbitantly high price and is not without its drawbacks. While exceptionally shiny and sophisticated, sterling silver is high maintenance, requiring careful cleaning and constant polishing to avoid becoming tarnished. It is also quite soft and prone to dents and damage.

Silver Plated

Often, consumers confuse sterling silver cutlery with its silver-plated alternative. Silver-plated cutlery is more affordable because it is coated in layers of silver, and copper or brass typically forms the bulk of the material. It is not as valuable as solid sterling silver but requires much of the same care. If you aren’t sure whether the cutlery you’re buying is pure sterling silver, look out for the trusted 925 mark of authenticity. If you’re still unsure, use a magnet to see if the cutlery reacts. If it’s magnetic, it isn’t sterling silver.

Stainless Steel

Stainless-steel is known for its durability, versatility and ease of maintenance, and many consider it to be the most reliable material for kitchenware and utensils. Stainless-steel is formed by adding chromium to steel, resulting in a material that is resistant to surface corrosion and rust, while providing high tensile strength and temperature resistance. The protective self-repairing coating of chromium prevents corrosive materials from damaging the stainless-steel.
This means stainless-steel is impervious to water and non-reactive to acidic foods, making it the perfect choice for cutlery! Not to mention the sleek and shiny surface texture that has all the charm of silverware, without the hassle. Stainless-steel is available in a variety of grades that inform the durability and strength of the material.

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