Fitted Sheets

Pres Les on 21 Sep, 2022

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Fitted sheets, also known as “fitted bottom sheets”, feature four elastic corners that hug the sides of your mattress, securing the fitted sheet in place.

They serve as a protective barrier for your mattress, creating a layer of protection against moisture, bacteria, and stains.

How deep are fitted sheets?

Fitted sheets vary in depth.

If your fitted sheets keep slipping off your mattress, they are not deep enough.

Select a fitted sheet that is at least 8cm deeper than your mattress to allow for enough fabric to be tucked under your mattress.

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Ill-fitting, incorrectly-sized fitted sheets will slip off if your mattress is deeper than your fitted sheets.

Who invented fitted sheets?

Before fitted sheets were invented, flat sheets were tucked under the mattresses using “hospital corners” and similar techniques.

In 1959, an African American woman by the name of Bertha Berman patented a design for fitted sheets. Her design featured corners sewn in a way that would secure the sheet to the mattress.

Today, fitted sheets typically include elasticated corners to ensure a snug fit.