Formal Festivities

Pres Les on 01 Dec, 2022

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This type of setting is reserved for formal festive feasts and posh parties.

Traditionally, formal settings replace placemats and coasters with a crisp tablecloth and include additional cutlery - and crockery, depending on courses served (which can include appetizers and side dishes). A festive table runner adds a nice touch by creating a focal point for your centerpiece decorations. Coordinate your theme with matching decorations (e.g. crackers) and mood lighting.

For a formal table setting:

  • Begin by laying out a stylish, neatly ironed tablecloth.
  • Neatly position dinner plates at every place setting.
  • Place the salad plate atop the dinner plate. When serving soup, place the soup bowl atop the salad plate.
  • Place the bread plate in the upper left corner. Place the butter knife horizontally on the bread plate.
  • Place a fork to the left of the dinner plate. Place the salad fork to the left of the dinner fork.
  • Place the knife to the right of the dinner plate and then set the spoon to the right of the knife.
  • Place the drinking glass above the knife in the top right corner
  • Place the wineglasses to the right of the water glass.
  • Place the folded serviette atop the salad plate. Use a serviette ring for an extra stylish place setting.
  • Add a place card with the guest’s name (on both sides) and position above the plates.

Usually, after each course, used plates and bowls are cleared to make room for the next course of dishes. After dinner, cheese platters and wine, and/or dessert and coffee (or tea) are served at separate intervals.

Your table setting should reflect your personal style and bring joy to your end-of-year gatherings. Decorate your table with Pres Les’ Vienna or Lisbon tablecloth, with matching serviettes, and pair with Pres Les’ gilded Beaumont New Bone China crockery and Monaco stainless steel cutlery for a stylish setting worthy of your special event.

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