Phumzile's Testimonial

Pres Les on 26 Oct, 2022

Reading time: 4 mins

Consultant News

My name is Phumzile Ncayiyana. I'm a happy Pres Les consultant. In my life I have never seen such a good company. I joined Pres Les in June 1999. Since then I never looked back. 

I sold Pres Les for 21 years now. In these years this wonderful company kept its promises. Even if I tell people about it, I'm not ashamed because promises will be kept for me and for my customers. What I have noticed is the quality Pres Les continue to sell. Let alone the guarantee which comes with the product. My customers know that there's a freedom of choice in terms of changing their product if they need to.

Pres Les delivers in time. If not, reimbursement will be done for our customers to be happy. Since 1999 as a consultant I have never missed an order. I have been getting gifts from Pres Les, should the company runs a promotion for the month. I have stopped buying sheets because I get them from Pres Les for free. I don't how many pairs of sheets I have. I still have the first pair of sheets and even now I still have those sheets. They are as good as new. Pres Les is excellent in giving. I'm happy with this company. I don't see myself looking for other avenues because there are no greener pastures like the ones with Pres Les.

With Pres Les commission I have managed to send my daughter to school. In 2005 my daughter got a call from UCT and I managed to book flights with Pres Les money. It takes 2 days for a person to reach Cape Town from KZN by bus. My daughter never used any form of a transport like buses or taxes when she studied at UCT because Pres Les made it easy for me to book flights for her.
Again as a single parent, it's not easy to manage home especially nowadays but Pres Les make things easier for me. I buy groceries, electricity. Pres Les makes sure that I get to work easily. My petrol tank never runs empty because of Pres Les. There was a time where I didn't have 3 instalments of my car but Pres Les did it for me. All in all Pres Les is my life. I'm Pres Les.

I don't have enough words to thank this company but as I'm writing this letter I'm always smiling. This is because Pres Les has put a smile on my face for each and every month. My fridge is always full. My kids eat meat because of Pres Les. The 21 year service I have with Pres Les has nothing but good news at the end of the month which is the 14th of every month.
This company never failed me. I'm not a keen to recruit I agree but I promise to do it when I'm out of work because I do believe that recruits need attention as they are young in the business. For me to do Pres Les part time gives no time to look at the recruits but as I'm about to retire at work, I promise to do Pres Les full time.

I'm going to tell people about this wonderful company. I'm going to hunt people and tell them about this wonderful company I have been working with for many years. This is my story about Pres Les. Quality, beauty is guaranteed here. I know if I tell people about it they smile because they are sure that they are going to indulge themselves in what is good for them and their homes. I thank a person who introduced me to this company. Thank you.

Thank you Phumzile, we are so glad we’ve never let you down.