What to look for in a pillow

Pres Les on 29 Jul, 2022

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The importance of a comfortable, high-quality pillow cannot be understated.

Just as your bed completes your room, so your pillows complete your bed.  

With so many pillows on the market, choosing the right pillows can be tricky. Read on to find out what to look for in a pillow.

Are pillows bad for your neck? 

Not only does a pillow support your head and neck while you sleep, but it can also help to keep your spine in the correct position.  

How to wash pillows? 

Most synthetic pillows are machine-washable, but it is recommended to check the label for washing instructions before popping your pillows in the washing machine.  

The care instructions on the label will often refer to the following instructions: 

Machine-Washable: Pillows that are machine-washable will typically include the temperature at which you can safely wash the pillows.

Hand Wash: Pillows that need to be hand-washed are usually too delicate for the spin cycle, but can be safely submerged in water. The label will also indicate the temperature at which you can safely wash the pillows. 

Dry Clean Only: This instruction is often listed on labels of pillows with a feather or down fill. It requires that the pillows be professionally dry-cleaned. If you submerge these pillows in water, you may damage the fill or fabric of the pillow, so do so with caution.  

Spot Clean Only: Spot Clean Only is recommended when submerging the pillow in water will affect the quality of the fill or outer fabric of the pillow. It requires that surface stains and spills on pillows are cleaned in a targeted way. 

Can pillows cause back pain? 

Sleeping with inadequate pillow support can result in stiffness of the neck and upper-back.  

Can pillows cause headaches? 

Pillows that have you sleeping at an elevated angle can cause your head and neck to round forward, adding tension to the muscles in your neck. Prolonged tension throughout the night can cause headaches and a stiff neck. 

Can pillows go in the dryer? 

Your pillows should be washed and dried according to the care instructions on the label. While it is perfectly safe to place some pillows in the tumble dryer, others need to be air-dried.  

Tip: Place pillows in the tumble dryer with one or two tennis balls to fluff them up! 

Do pillows expire? 

The lifespan of pillows is generally short. Heads are heavy and bearing the weight of your head night after night can cause your pillow to lose consistency and flatten over time.  

What is a Continental pillow? 

A Continental pillow is a 75 x 75cm square-shaped pillow 

What is an Emperor pillow? 

An Emperor pillow is a 60 x 90cm rectangular-shaped pillow  

What to do with old pillows and duvets? 

If your old pillows and duvets are too damaged to donate, recycle them responsibly.  

What is memory foam? 

Memory foam is made from a type of plastic called polyurethane. It is light, warm and offers great support. It is often used in bedding products because of its ability to respond to heat and pressure, moulding to the contours of your body, without losing its shape or elasticity. 

Is a memory foam pillow the best? 

Memory foam is known for its durability and ability to reduce chronic neck pain. Memory foam is also hypoallergenic, making it the best option for people with respiratory problems or those who are prone to allergies. 

What’s the difference between Microfibre, Hollow fibre and Down? 

Microfiber is a synthetic fibre made from a combination of petroleum-based materials: polyester and polyamide. These fibres are split into fine, porous strands with excellent moisture-wicking properties. Microfibre is durable, soft, and absorbent, and conforms to the shape of your body without losing its original shape, making it an excellent bedding material. 

Hollow fibre is a synthetic material made from fine, hollow strands of polyester. The hollow centre traps air and warmth, and is lightly constructed. Its airy structure maintains a moderate warmth, making it the perfect layering material for year-round use.  

Down is a natural material. It refers to the layer of soft feathers found under the tougher exterior feathers bird species, such as ducks and geese. It is sought after for its insulative properties and superior softness. Down is 100% biodegradable.  

What are the best pillows and duvet types for allergies? 

Hypoallergenic pillows, such as those made from microfibre and other synthetics, with an antimicrobial finish are the best choice for allergy sufferers.  

The Pres Les Luxury Memory Foam Pillow is equipped with Fresche microbe protection, a long-lasting antimicrobial finish, which guards against bacteria and house dust mites and a zip closure for easy removal and washing. Available in a standard size, Pres Les Luxury Memory Foam Pillow is filled with 1.3kg memory foam pillow an encased in a Jacquard fabric cover with an exclusive Pres Les logo design.  

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