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Pres Les on 09 Apr, 2021

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Your bedroom should be a relaxing retreat, and bed linen allows you to create a space that reflects your personality, producing a luxurious focal point in your room. But how do you know that you are investing in quality bed linen?

Pay attention to the thread count

Thread count refers to the total number of yarns per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the smaller the grid-like gaps between yarns of fibre, making the fabric feel extra soft against your skin.

Higher thread count is associated with softer, finer, and more durable bedding. What qualifies as ‘high’ thread count? Good-quality sheets have a thread count of 180 per square inch of fabric, and while anything above 200 is considered better quality, 300 thread count is ideal.

Examine the weave

Weaving refers to the construction of fabric through the process of interlacing yarns of fibre. Yarns, or threads, of fibre are interlaced at right angles in a criss-cross formation to create fabric.

The type of weave (of which there are many) influences the appearance, texture and durability of the fabric. While there are many options to choose from, Pres Les knows that the best sheets are Percale and Sateen when it comes to comfort and quality.




Percale is a fine, closely woven plain weave with a thread count of 180 per square inch of fabric, or higher. This creates a light, crisp-feeling fabric.

Pres Les Cotton Rich Percale sheeting consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and has a thread count of 200. This cotton rich blend combines the strength of cotton with the wrinkle-resistant properties of polyester, resulting in a fabric that is durable and easy to care for.

Pres Les Cotton Rich Percale is available in both printed and plain ranges. Pres Les Cotton Rich Percale ranges include: Bella, Alice, Ruth, Sarah, Louise, Marilyn, Lydia, Rose, Eve and Jessica.

Pres Les Cotton Rich Percale range consists of finely woven sheeting in a selection of colours.




Sateen is a type of weave containing more vertical (weft) than horizontal (warp) yarns and is usually made from 100% cotton. The higher proportion of vertical yarns results in a luxuriously soft fabric that mimics the appearance and texture of silk satin – with the durability of 100% cotton.

Pres Les 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen range has the lustre of silk satin with all the benefits of 100% cotton. Pres Les 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen is:

  • Breathable, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Odour-resistant

The Pres Les 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen ranges include: Princess, Anna, Taylor and Daniella.




The exclusive Pres Les Tessuto range redefines elegance with even more lustre than cotton sateen. Pres Les Tessuto range consists of 300 thread count finely woven Polyester satin, creating a material with beautiful sheen and a silky-smooth feel.

The Pres Les Tessuto range of Polyester satin sheeting will preserve its shape, colour, and lustre to ensure you’re sleeping in style long after the first wash. Pres Les Tessuto is:

  • Luxuriously soft and silky smooth to the touch
  • Glossy appearance
  • Easy care and crease-resistant
  • Exclusive to Pres Les

The Pres Les Tessuto ranges include : Helena, Norah, and Tessuto sheeting.




Jacquard refers to a type of weave that is programmed to raise each warp thread independently of other threads using different coloured yarns. This creates fabric with an intricate, slightly raised pattern design. For fabric to qualify as jacquard, the design must be woven into the fabric itself, rather than stamped, printed, or embroidered on top of it.

Pres Les Woven Jacquard range is:

  • decorative
  • durable
  • strong
  • wrinkle-resistant
  • made from a variety of different fibres, including blends
  • timeless and sophisticated

Jacquard weaves tend to be slightly thicker than plain weave fabrics due to the textured pattern designs, but are available in a variety of weights. Because the pattern is part of the weave itself, the fabric is less susceptible to fading and wear and tear.

Pres Les Woven Jacquard range offers quilted comforter and bedspread ensembles available in various designs and colours. These include : MagnoliaEleanor and Valerie.

Look at the finish

The finish is a term used to describe the chemical and mechanical processes fabric has undergone during the textile manufacturing process. Textile finishing is used to enhance the appearance and/or function of fabric to improve elements of performance, such as softness and longevity.

Pres Les utilises the latest innovations and technology in textile finishing to enhance the quality and comfort of bedding across their ranges.

Pres Les’ luxurious soft handle finish is applied to Pres Les Cotton Rich Percale range to enhance softness and comfort.

Admire the dye

Patterns and colours are typically applied to sheets after they are woven into fabric.

All Pres Les colours and prints are tested in our laboratories to ensure they meet strict quality standards, such as colourfastness.

Pres Les’ in-house design team creates sophisticated ranges influenced by international colour and fashion trends to make sure you’re always sleeping in unique and exclusive style and quality.