Pres Les Quality Guarantee Increase

Pres Les on 02 Aug, 2020

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Product News

Pres Les product guarantees have recently been increased, but what does that mean for our Customers?

When considering investing in a new product, Customers want to be reassured that their hard-earned money is being well spent on real value and quality. This is where guarantees come in.

A guarantee is a promise made by a company to Customers assuring the after-sales quality of a product. It is a formal, legally binding declaration that commits to repair, replace, or refund an item that fails to meet the represented quality standards or is in some way defective. Guarantees offer peace of mind to the Customer by ensuring the quality of a company’s product and pledging accountability on behalf of the company should their product not meet the Customer’s expectation.

At Pres Les, we take pride in our high standard of quality and workmanship, which is why we’ve extended the guarantees on our products for the long-term satisfaction of our Customers. We’re confident that our exceptional products will meet your high expectations, so we’re prepared to guarantee your comfort and overall satisfaction for up to 7 years for bedding, and 25 years for cookware!


Provided that care instructions have been followed as labelled, and that it is within the specified guarantee period, all defective Pres Les products are eligible for replacement, free of charge, with either a duplicate product or, if unavailable, one of equivalent value. Otherwise, an equivalent credit will be deducted from the cost of purchase of any other Pres Les product.
If within six months of delivery the product becomes unsafe or defective, it may be returned for repair, replaced, or refunded in full.

We value our customers’ satisfaction and trust! Pres Les guarantees are our promise of consistently high quality you can count on for years to come.