Thumza's Testimonial

Pres Les on 05 Oct, 2022

Reading time: 4 mins

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I am a single parent, PRES LES is my husband because PRES LES do everything to me. I am a post level one educator, yes I agree that I got my salary every 15th of the month, but my salary ends at the bank because it pays the bond, my insurances and ends there.

I start to breathe and to smile when I got my PRES LES and commission, I used it to pay my car installment, car insurance, car tracker, petrol, service my car, pay my son grocery and rent at university, pay the rates, pay the water bills, pay my grandchildren’s school fees, buy my grocery, buy my consultants gifts to motivate them to sell.

Without PRES LES I am nothing. I used to smile on the 14th of the month because I am a capitec banker. I got my PRES LES commission on the 14th day of the month. PRES LES give me dignity most of the people think I am rich because I used to push my grocery trolley at Shoprite on the 14th day of the month while the people are bankrupt waiting their month end.
PRES LES spoilt me with comfortable comforters which I got during lucky envelopes promotion, I have dinner sets, blankets, knee blankets, cutlery, umbrellas, gowns, flasks, traveling bags, sheets, bath towels, tablecloth, tablecloth runners, ball pens, pencil cases, masks for covid, sanitizers, free trainings with meals and traveling allowances as a Manager. I can't count them all they are many.

PRES LES take care of us even in special days like birthdays, mothers day, women’s day PRES LES spoilt us with gifts during those special days. I don't feel that I don't have husband and my children’s are not yet working. When they call us in a meeting we came back with gifts some of them was for lucky draw.

Woooow I can't forget the February conferences where We flew to Johannesburg and slept to Emperors Palace, Montecasino slept in five star hotel they treat us like Queens and Kings. spoil us with buffet breakfast, dinner, and supper. We came back with gifts and cards with lovely words. Really without PRES LES I am nothing.

I remember my first overseas trip in 2007 to Dubai without paying one cent. My second trip I flew to Beijing. In all these places PRES LES booked 5 star hotels for us provide us with traveling suitcases prepared everything for us like Visa and all papers, meals and pocket moneys even tablets that help us to adapt when we are in other country.

Pres Les also teach me how to dress, I remember in these trips we used to have colour of the day I remember one year the colour of the day was Pink and Black, on the other year was Gold and Black, they teach me how to mix the colour. I am lady and half because of PRES LES, I joined this company in 2002 never terminated, I am a continuous consultant, and I became a Manager because of my activeness.

I am very happy because now I'm about to take my retirement it means I am going to be a full time Manager. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you for those touching words Thumza, and Pres Les would be nothing without loyal Consultants and Managers like you.