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Pres Les on 17 Aug, 2022

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Bath towels are household necessities; they serve as functional bathroom décor and play a crucial role in our daily cleansing rituals.

When it comes to grooming and self-care, they are essential. Before matching the style and colour of bath towels to your bathroom and calling it a day, consider the following factors for an informed purchase:

Are bath towels biodegradable?

Biodegradability of an article of fabric depends on the materials used to make it.

Natural fibres such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, lyocell, silk and bamboo are biodegradable. This means that bacteria and other organisms are able to break them down during the decomposition process.

If your bath towel is made from 99 - 100% of any of the fabrics listed, excluding trims, threads and labels that can be removed before composting, then there’s a good chance it’s biodegradable.

Pres Les Luxe Bath Towels are crafted from 100% cotton. To view our superior quality towels, click here.

Are bath towels flammable?

All fabrics burn, but some are more flammable than others.

When it comes to bath towels, it depends on their fabric composition and any additives present in the dyes or finishes. Bath towels are typically made from 100% cotton, or a blend. In terms of flammability, cotton has a high burning rate, but isn’t as flammable as synthetic materials, such as polyester. Flame-retardant finishes can be added to bath towels and other items made from 100% cotton, for added protection.

Can bath towels be recycled?

While it is technically possible to recycle textiles, like bath towels, the recycling plants are struggling to keep up with the demand.

If your bath towels aren’t too worn-out, consider donating them to charities or animal shelters, or give them a second life as a cleaning rag.

Can kitchen and bath towels be washed together?

Kitchen and bath towels can be washed together but need to be washed on a hot cycle (60 °C or above) in order to kill all the germs.

If you want to play it safe, separate your towels by type and wash them in separate loads.

Can you wash bath towels with clothes?

Bath towels and clothes can be washed together but need to be washed at higher temperatures (60 °C or above) in order to stop the transfer of germs and bacteria from bath towels to clothes and vice versa.

While it may seem more convenient to wash them together, the hot cycle may shrink or damage your clothing. It is safer and more hygienic to wash bath towels and clothing in different loads.

Do bath towels lose their absorbency?

Over time, your bath towels will lose their absorbency and plushness.

On average, towels last two to three years before their absorbency and softness starts to deteriorate. Regular washing and drying eventually wears them out.

If you’re in the market for new towels, consider looking at Pres Les premium quality-guaranteed Luxe Bath Towels.

What are the most absorbent towels made from?

Cotton is the most popular bath towel material, and with good reason.

Selected for their absorbency, plushness, breathability and moisture-wicking properties, 100% cotton bath towels are soft, comfortable and the best choice for anyone who is serious about self-care.

For ultra-absorbent bath towels, choose 100% cotton with visibly dense, plush loops of yarn on the surface (also referred to as the pile). The number, length and density of loops in the weave determine absorption capacity. Longer loops increase the towel’s overall surface area, enabling it to hold more water and wick moisture faster.

Pres Les Luxe Bath Towels are part of our Living in Style range, filled with luxury homeware from South Africa’s trusted easy-care bedroom textile manufacturer.

Whether you’re pampering yourself or sharing the gift of luxury, Pres Les Luxury Towels are presented in a beautiful gift box, exclusive to Pres Les. 

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