Understanding Pillowcases: Standard, Emperor, and Continental

Pres Les on 05 Mar, 2024

Reading time: 3 mins

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Pillowcases might seem like a simple thing, but did you know that there are different types?

From standard to emperor and continental, each serves a unique purpose and fits different pillow sizes. Let’s get comfy and take a deep dive into the differences between these three types of pillowcases to help you make the right choice.
Standard Pillowcase

Let's start with standard pillowcases. These are the most common type and are designed to fit a standard-sized pillow, which typically measures around 50,8cm by 66,04cm. Standard pillows are the ones you’re probably most familiar with – they are the ones you find on most beds in homes.

They are rectangular in shape and have an opening on one end where the pillow is inserted. They come in a variety of materials, colours and patterns to match your bedding set and décor.

Standard pillowcases provide a comfortable fit for standard-sized pillows, keeping them clean and protected while adding a touch of style to your bedroom.

Emperor Pillowcase

Next, we have emperor pillowcases. This type of pillowcase is designed to fit an emperor-sized pillow, which is larger than a standard pillow. Emperor pillows are usually decorative pillows or for added support.

Emperor pillowcases measure around 50,8cm by 91,44cm or more, depending on the size of the pillow. They have a wider opening to accommodate the larger pillow size.

Emperor pillowcases are most commonly used in luxury bedding sets to add an elegant touch to your bed.
While emperor pillows are less common than standard pillows, they are great for adding a decorative element to your bedroom.

Continental Pillowcase

Lastly, we have the continental pillowcase. This pillowcase is designed to fit a continental-sized pillow, which is bigger than both standard and emperor pillows. Continental pillows are used as decorative accents for bedding sets.

Continental pillowcases measure around 66,04cm by 66,04cm or more, depending on the size of the pillow. They are square and have a wide opening to accommodate the bigger pillow size.

Continental pillowcases are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of colours and patterns. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your room and can be layered with other pillows to create an inviting look.

Understanding the differences between these pillow types can help you choose the right type for your bed. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a standard pillowcase, the elegance of an emperor pillowcase, or the luxury of a continental pillowcase, the perfect option is out there for you.