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Pres Les on 29 Mar, 2021

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Consultant News

As we are fast moving into a digital and mobile era, we are aware that many Pres Les Consultants are using WhatsApp as their preferred communication channel.

To ensure that your communication with Pres Les Head Office remains simple and secure, we are excited to launch WhatsApp for Business as a new way for us to contact each other.

For us to communicate with you via WhatsApp, we need your consent. This will allow us to send you direct communication and support information to help you improve your Pres Les Business. Your phone number will only be used by us and not by any third parties, so as to protect you from any unnecessary advertisements or messages.

You can consent to receiving Pres Les information via WhatsApp by filling out the form below and pressing the WhatsApp Opt-in button

Once you have given us your consent, you may also add our number as a contact in your phone: Pres Les WhatsApp: +27 66 328 0446

We look forward to providing you with valuable information and extending the exceptional service you are accustomed to, on this new channel.

Warm regards,

Lise De Kock Signature