Zama's Testimonial

Pres Les on 08 Aug, 2022

Reading time: 1 mins


Pres Les has been our source of income at home.

My mother has been selling Pres Les all her life. With the income she got from Pres Les, she managed to take her granddaughter to private pre schooling and now she is in primary school all. And I was all studying at the college. I was able to finish my Diploma and do the training for 3 years today.

I am qualified artisan through the salary she got from Pres Les. Each an every year they are being spoilt with overseas trips and out of province. All the luxury gift that Pres Les sent to them to make them special. That motivated me also to join Pres Les and be an consultant and start selling. My life has never been the same. I am able to provide for myself. All thanks to Pres Les for giving us this amazing opportunity to be able to provide for our families.