Pres Les Quality Curtains

Pres Les on 20 Apr, 2023

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Curtains are essential home décor items that both protect our privacy and add the finishing touches to a room. 

These popular window treatments come in all sorts of fabrics, finishes, sizes and qualities.

With so many options to choose from, it's important to know how to select good quality curtains for your home. Pres Les makes this process easy! Read on to find out what makes our curtains special and the perfect choice for your space.


Pres Les curtains are ready-to-hang.

Ready-to-hang curtains are manufactured in standard sizes that are based on the average window measurements, making it easier to achieve your decorating dreams.

We currently offer curtains in a variety of sizes.

Custom made-to-measure curtains are available on special order request.

Our ready-to-hang curtains are expertly pattern-matched and are available in a convenient pack of two. Choose from our stunning range of printed designs, Woven Jacquards, Sheers and Velvet curtains to suit your personal style.

Our curtains have been designed to pair with our stunning ranges of bedding and bedding coordinates, for effortless styling.

Pair our beautiful Woven Jacquard and Velvet bedding ranges with our rich, moody selection of Velvet curtains for a sumptuous look.

Pair our crisp Pres Les Cotton Percale Blend ranges with matching printed curtains or our beautiful selection of Sheer and Linen-Textured curtains for a relaxed, breezy look.

Pair our 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen ranges with our Velvet curtains or Sheer and Linen-Textured curtains for a refined look.


Pres Les curtains are box-lined.

Box-lined curtains are lined with an extra layer of fabric that offers many benefits, including:

  • Protection against wear and fading from the sun, extending the life of your curtains
  • Added insulation, keeping you warm in winter
  • Fullness and structure, creating an elegant, uniform look
  • Low visibility, diffusing light and increasing privacy

Weighted hems

Pres Les curtains feature weighted hems.

Weighted hems allow the curtains to hang straighter, giving them a neat and tidy appearance. They also limit the movement of your curtains, so that they stay in place.

Customized finish

Pres Les curtains are available in two customized finishes: Easy Pleat and Eyelet

Easy Pleat

Easy Pleat curtains feature pleated headings made of tightly gathered folds of fabric. They are secured to curtain tracks with tape and hooks that attach to tiny pockets on the reverse side.

Pres Les Easy Pleat curtains feature a three-pocket tri-tape for multiple length adjustments, so you can decide whether you want your curtains to touch the floor or be raised a few centimeters above it. They are sold complete with pin-hooks needed to attach the curtains to the curtain rail and cord-tidy accessories.

This classic style of curtains is beloved for its sophisticated appearance.


An eyelet or ‘ring top’ finish refers to a style of curtain header that features metal rings called eyelets.

The rings are sewn into the top of the curtain fabric so that the curtain can be thread through a curtain pole. Eyelets can be made of different types of metal, fabric, leather or plastic. Pres Les eyelets are made from silver, rust-free metal for durability.

The spacing of the eyelets creates large, deep pleats in the curtain fabric. They are a popular choice because of their convenient design and contemporary appearance.

Quality guarantee

We know that good quality curtains are an investment, which is why we offer a 5-year quality guarantee on our curtain ranges. Our curtains are expertly manufactured at our local factory in Atlantis, Cape Town, to the highest quality standards, especially for you.