Linen Textured and Sheer Curtains


Our Linen Textured curtain range mimics the look and feel of natural linen, and is available in neutral shades. Our Linen Textured curtains contain two drops per pack. Our Sheer curtain range is constructed from lightweight polyester for soft, diffused lighting, and is available in a selection of rich textures, in neutral shades. Our Sheer curtains contain one drop per pack.

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We take pride in our high standard of quality and workmanship and every effort has been made to ensure that our beautiful products meet your high expectations. That is why each order is individually made and our products offer 3–25 year Quality Guarantees to give you many years of pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction.

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Box-lined curtains feature an extra layer of fabric that is sewn into the back of curtains to prevent fading and improve insulation. Pres Les ready-to-hang curtains are box-lined and expertly pattern-matched in the manufacturing process, providing a bespoke product with which to decorate your home.
Start by measuring the width of your headrail, or curtain rod (excluding finials), from left to right. Next, determine the drop of your curtains by measuring the length from top to bottom, starting from the rail/rod and ending 1cm above the floor, or extending past the floor for a pooled effect.
Eyelet curtains are contemporary-style curtains that are finished with metal rings, or eyelets, for installation on curtain rods. Pres Les Eyelet finish curtains feature silver, rust-free metal eyelets for easy hanging and a contemporary look.
Easy Pleat curtains are a classic style of drapery characterized by tightly gathered folds of fabric that form pleated headings. They are secured to curtain tracks with tape and hooks that attach to tiny pockets on the reverse.
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