End of Year Table Setting Essentials

Pres Les on 01 Dec, 2022

Reading time: 2 mins

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Gathering around the table to share a meal with family and friends is a hallmark of the festive season.

Whether you’re entertaining guests for Christmas dinner, or casually celebrating the New Year, a beautiful table setting can add to the enjoyment of a meal and instill a sense of occasion, creating memorable mealtimes with your loved ones.

Formal or informal, the rules of etiquette detail proper placement of cutlery, crockery, and glassware when it comes to setting a stylish table.

The general rule of table settings, regardless of the occasion, is “from the outside in”. This refers to utensils, which are placed in order of use; starting from the outside and moving inward. Generally, forks are placed to the left of the plate, and knives and spoons to the right.

Note: The blades of your knives should always face the plate!

Align the handles of your cutlery with the rim of the plate, which should be positioned about 2.5cm from the edge of the table. Utensils should be placed approximately 2.5cm away from the rim of the plates, in clear view.

Note: Reverse the placement order for left-handed guests.

These fundamental rules apply to every table setting, regardless of occasion.

Read on for tips on how to entertain in style this holiday season with a basic, casual or formal table setting.